Spectis Moulders Inc. herein referred to as the “seller”, warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from date of purchase , to the original end user, when used and installed under recommended conditions.  If the product is not painted immediately following installation, the warranty will be for a period of 1year from date of purchase.

Failure to follow the seller’s storage and recommended installation instructions will void this warranty.

Purchaser and installer must inspect each piece prior to installation.  Both parties waive all defects which could have been discovered by reasonable inspection prior to installation.

In the event claim is made under this warranty, the Seller reserves the right to inspect products claimed defective under warranty either at the Purchaser’s location or at the Seller’s plant, if returned, freight prepaid.  Any product(s) proving defective due to faulty manufacturing within (5) years from date of shipment will be replaced or repaired free of charge or, at Seller’s option, the purchase price will be refunded upon return of the product(s).  The seller assumes no liability for labor charges incidental to the adjustment service, repairing, removal or replacement of the product, product(s) damaged by freight carriers, freight charges, installation, lost profits, lost sales, or other costs, or for the expense of repairs made outside of its factory except when made pursuant to the Seller’s prior written consent.  The Seller, at its option may ship a replacement or replacements immediately under standard billing and make warranty adjustment after inspection of the defective product by means of a credit memorandum.

No purchaser may take any deduction or credit against any amount owed to Spectis or make any charge back without the expressed written consent of Spectis.