Spectis’ decorative brackets, blocks, corbels, etc. are designed for installation directly over finished, waterproof wall surfaces. The simplest method of installation is to apply copious amounts of Spectis Adhesive ADH 100 to the bedding surfaces (both wall and soffit) and fasten them onto the wall using weather resistant screws through the face of the product into the substrate.  Be sure that bedding and bonding surfaces are clean, dry, and free from all oils to ensure good adhesion.

Select the appropriate fasteners for the wall and soffit substrate.  eg. Tapcon for masonry, and woodscrews for wood.  Stainless or zinc plated fasteners should be used for corrosion resistance.  For extreme wind protection, make sure the fasteners are spaced no more than 12” around the perimeter.  For average locations, the fasteners can be located at all corners.

The screw holes can then be filled with exterior spackle or a “bondo” type product.  Once filled, the item can be spot primed and painted with a high quality exterior paint.  As an alternate, the screw holes can be filled with painted acrylic latex caulk.  Note that using this method may, or will not result in a completely seamless installation.