Company Background

Spectis Moulders Inc. was started in 1995 by Eric Will and Kenton Pilek. These gentlemen, collectively, have over 50 years of experience in the polyurethane business.

Spectis started in a small building in Altona, Manitoba, Canada, and moved to a larger facility in Niverville, Manitoba in December 1997 where we continue to expand with new buildings and more products.

The company was started with an attitude of "we can build anything" and has become a policy in which we pride ourselves. It is this attitude that has helped us to prosper and become one of the leading manufacturers of moulded products.

Contact us and find out for yourself that we truly can "build anything".


Spectis Moulders is a fully integrated manufacturer of polyurethane mouldings. We have a team of hardworking dedicated employees that enable us to provide you with quick, reliable and friendly service.


We have full design, engineering and drafting capabilities which enable us to develop and produce just about any product imaginable! We utilize the most advanced technology, such as CNC equipment, along with highly skilled craftsmen to mould product of impeccable detail and quality. We are continually working to improve our manufacturing processes to provide you with the highest quality product with minimal affect to the environment.

Finishing Department

We have a state of the art finishing department that can color match,prepare, and paint all of our catalogue items, in house! We have partnered with the Sherwin Williams line of finishing products to offer a rainbow of colors for both interior and exterior applications.

In addition to solid colors, Spectis can also produce faux finishes of granite, limestone, rough sawn lumber, hewn beams, stucco, and countless others. If you have a project, which requires pre-finishing, contact your Spectis Customer Service Representative for more information and pricing.